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iCow is generating  a new kind of farmer, we've named this farmer the "Urbal" farmer.

Sitting in her office in Nairobi city, Susan, is confident that her livestock investment is under good hands even though her farm is over 140km away. Susan is the first of a new kind of urban/rural farmer we are seeing through the iCow customer care center, which handles the back end systems of iCow, thanks to the Indigo Trust. She has registered her cows and calves on iCow and co-manages their upbringing with her manager on the farm site. In so doing, Susan is pushing the normally defined parameters of agriculture and almost on a daily basis requests the development of new features on iCow for her benefit.

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Simply Dial *285# and follow the simple menu

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To Register on iCow Simply Dial *285# and follow menu

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